Our Multi-Model Services

Sometimes having just one process improvement methodology just isn’t enough for your organization. When you need to integrate multiple methodologies together, Excellence in Measurement Technology can help.

Whether you need to implement multiple ISO standards, CMMI with ISO 9000, CMMI with Agile, or any other combination your organization needs, we can help you implement them together in a way that will satisfy their requirements without creating conflicting processes or redundant work. Unlike other consultants who may only understand a single process improvement methodology, our consultants are knowledgeable in multiple models and standards. With our unique insight, we can help your organization implement multiple methodologies together effectively and efficiently.

  • We have found that there is a significant amount of overlap between CMMI and Agile practices, and each methodology can help meet the requirements of the other.
  • If your organization has already implemented CMMI and is looking to transition from a traditional project lifecycle to an Agile one, we can provide training and consultation in Agile to help you implement it harmoniously with CMMI.
  • Many organizations must implement both CMMI and ISO standards, especially those in the software development field. If your organization already uses either CMMI, CMMC or an ISO standard but needs to implement both or all,  we can help by showing you where there is overlap between models and standards  and how to effectively integrate all of them. .
  • Your organization doesn’t have to practice CMMI to benefit from our expertise in implementing multiple process improvement methodologies. We can help if your organization would like to use ISO 9000 and Agile together, Lean with Six Sigma, or any other combination of methodologies.

Multi-Model Downloads

CMMI V2.0 and the Cyber Security Maturity Model Certification (CMMC): A Crosswalk

Learn how to leverage your CMMI expertise to support your implementation of CMMC.

"Meeting Agile US GAO Requirements with CMMI" Slideshow

Learn more about how Agile and CMMI can work together with great results in our presentation about the U.S. Government Accountability Offices' findings on the Agile methodology and how CMMI can help organizations overcome the challenges of implementing Agile.

"CMMI-Agile Process Combo" Presentation

View our presentation created together with our client LMI to discover how CMMI Process Areas and Agile ceremonies correlate to each other and how to successfully implement both, featuring LMI as a case study.