Kieran Doyle


Kieran Doyle has extensive experience in Business Management consultancy. Kieran started his career as a Software Engineer in the Defence and Telecoms industries but has since worked with multi-disciplinary teams to develop complex technical systems in a variety of different sectors.

Kieran has always had a keen interest in what makes organizations succeed and why, what seems great for one organization does not work well in another one. Models and frameworks are good at giving us the ingredients of functional processes. But how these are adapted for the context of the different organizations is frequently the difference between outstanding success and frustrated change initiatives that demoralise the participants.

Kieran has spent 25 years exploring the journeys that real organizations make in their process improvement efforts. This has frequently involved appraising organizations to determine business improvements relevant to their context; working with local teams to implement change in an effective manner; and conducting mentoring and training of groups and individuals to develop their capability to proceed on this journey, independently and confidently.

Kieran is a Chartered Quality Professional and member of the Chartered Quality Institute (CQI).

Kieran Doyle