Hillel Glazer


Hillel has taught, spoken, and led appraisals and transformations throughout the world. He is widely published and is a well-known thought-leader in both the agile/lean and CMMI communities, and became the first authority in blending traditional methods with lean/agile methods. Hillel brings rich and deep engineering and business experience to solve complex problems elegantly and effectively.

Hillel has successfully transformed companies in many industries from aerospace to medical devices and finance to transportation. He’s worked in companies of all sizes from start-ups through mature multi-billion-dollar public and private entities. Using Flow, lean, TOC, and agile as a foundation, Hillel amplifies the impact of his role as a High Maturity Lead Appraiser (for DEV and SVC) to help companies achieve balance between capacity and demand.

His professional passion is to help companies architect their enterprises to achieve delivery consistency, normalize cashflow, grow stably, and succeed in all facets of their operation. When not working with CMMI or agile/lean he is a start-up coach and IP commercialization expert at the bwtech@UMBC incubator, and faculty of graduate engineering management at UMBC.