Does your organization need to implement agile across multiple project teams? Are you ready to embrace agile not just at the team level, but throughout your entire organization? Or maybe you are already using the Scaled Agile Framework®, but need help maintaining the SAFe® structure and processes? We can help.

Excellence in Measurement Technology can provide the services you need to establish and maintain the Scaled Agile Framework in your organization. As a Scaled Agile Partner, we can make sure your organization gets the most out of SAFe.

SAFe Training

Our certified SAFe Program Consultant (SPC) can train and certify your employees with the following:

  • SAFe Agilist (SA) certification for executives, managers, and leaders, with the SAFe course "Leading SAFe".
  • SAFe Practitioner (SP) certification for team members, with the SAFe course "SAFe ScrumXP for Teams".

Contact us to schedule a SAFe course for your organization.

SAFe Consultation

Not sure if the Scaled Agile Framework is right for your organization? Or does your organization need help with implementation? Our certified SAFe Program Consultant and SAFe DevOps Practitioner can provide the following consulting services:

  • We can consult your organization and determine whether SAFe is right for your business, and how you can implement it.
  • If you currently implementing SAFe, we can provide consultation to address any difficulties with applying SAFe, and how to make it work more effectively with your organization.

Get in touch with us to schedule a SAFe consultation.

Using SAFe with Other Methodologies

We do more than just SAFe. If your organization is looking to implement the Scaled Agile Framework alongside another methodology or practice such as CMMI®, ISO 9000, Lean, or Six Sigma, we can help you integrate SAFe with other methodologies within your organization. Learn more about our SAFe multimodel approach.


FAQs about SAFe®

What is SAFe®?

SAFe, or the Scaled Agile Framework, is a framework created by Scaled Agile, Inc. for scaling up agile practices for larger organizations with multiple agile teams.

SAFe provides guidance for applying agile principles to every level of the organization. Because it is modular, it can be adapted for use by organizations of varying sizes, whether you have one hundred employees or thousands.

SAFe is a heavyweight agile methodology with many defined processes and practices. This can be beneficial for large organizations, but it can also make SAFe difficult to implement and maintain. If you want to make sure your organization gets the most out of SAFe, contact us for our SAFe training and consulting services.

How do I get my company certified in SAFe?

There is currently no SAFe certification for organizations. However, employees still need to be trained in SAFe practices in order to implement it. SAFe has certifications for SAFe Program Consultants (SPCs), Scaled Agilists (SAs), and SAFe Practitioners (SPs). IF you are looking to train and certify your employees for these SAFe roles, contact us to schedule a SAFe training course.


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