Are looking for a tried and true process improvement methodology to implement in your organization? Do you need one that is lightweight and flexible, with an emphasis on visible results and prompt return on investment? Lean manufacturing and Six Sigma are two great methods which Excellence in Measurement Technology can help you implement with our consulting services.

Lean Services

With our Lean manufacturing-certified consultant, EMT can provide the following:

  • Lean consulting services to help your business implement Lean manufacturing.

Contact us to learn more about how we can help you implement Lean.

Six Sigma Services

With our Six Sigma Black Belt, EMT can provide the following:

  • Six Sigma Black Belt consulting services to help your business implement Six Sigma.

If you are interested in our Six Sigma consulting services, contact us.

Using Lean and Six Sigma with
Other Methodologies

The principles of Lean manufacturing and Six Sigma can easily be implemented in addition to other process improvement methodologies. Often, they are both implemented combined with each other as Lean Six Sigma.

We do more than just Lean and Six Sigma. If your organization is looking to implement Lean or Six Sigma alongside another methodology or practice such as CMMI, ISO 9000 or another ISO standard, Agile, or the Scaled Agile Framework®, we can help you integrate Lean or Six Sigma with other methodologies within your organization. Learn more about our multimodel approach.


Lean/Six Sigma FAQs

What is Lean?

Despite its name, Lean manufacturing is applicable to any industry. Lean's core concept is to maximize the delivered value to the customer while minimizing waste. To accomplish this, Lean uses the principles of continuous process flow and built-in quality through automation, error-proofing, and defect control. Lean is also distinguished by its focus on empowering the people performing the process to develop a Lean way of thinking at all levels of the organization.

What is Six Sigma?

Six Sigma is a process improvement methodology designed to help an organization improve product or service quality and minimize defects and process variability. Six Sigma provides tools and techniques such as the DMAIC method (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, and Control) and a focus on statistical techniques to control the process and find the root cause of process problems.


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