Excellence in Measurement Technology's strategy for helping your business or organization become more profitable is to help you determine your strategic goals and objectives and give you the tools and the capability to achieve them for business profitability.

What we mean is this: we start by siting down with you and looking at your current processes, your current goals, your current business objectives, and any obstacles or problems your business faces. We help you quantify and qualify those objectives to help you increase the bottom line of your business. Using the DMAIC methodology of Six Sigma, the best practices of CMMI, standards defined by ISO, and software development methodologies defined by Agile, we find the best solution for your business.

CMMI Services

Excellence in Measurement Technology provides appraisals, consultation, training, and other CMMI services. We help you to make CMMI work for your business, instead of making your business work for CMMI.

CMMI Appraisals:

  • All three CMMI constellations – CMMI for Development, Services, and Acquisition (CMMI-DEV, CMMI-SVC, and CMMI-ACQ).
  • All Maturity Levels including High Maturity appraisals.
  • All SCAMPI types – A, B, and C.
  • CMMI Gap Analysis to define the current status of your organization.

CMMI Consultation:

  • Learn whether CMMI is right for your business and how to implement it.
  • CMMI appraisal planning and preparation consultation.

CMMI Training:

  • Intro to CMMI training course for CMMI for Development and CMMI for Services for your employees to become Appraisal Team Members.

High Maturity CMMI:

  • High Maturity courses and workshops to help your business understand High Maturity and define your strategic goals.

CMMI with Agile:

  • Effectively integrate CMMI and Agile for your business with our appraisal, consulting, workshops, and training services.

CMMI with ISO:

  • Appraisals, consulting, workshops, and training for integrating CMMI with ISO 9000 (as well as ISO 13485, ISO 20000, and ISO 270000).

Agile Services

Excellence in Measurement Technology can train your employees as Agile Scrum Masters and provide the following services:

Agile Consultation:

  • Training and consulting for Agile implementation and Scrum deployment.
  • Keep your Agile practices on track with our consultation services from a certified Scrum Master and Product Owner.

Agile Training:

  • Scrum Master training and certification.
  • Start implementing Agile for your business with our two-day Agile Overview course covering Scrum and Kanban and incorporating Lean thinking and Kaizen.

Agile with CMMI:

  • Appraisals, consultation, training, and workshops for implementing CMMI with Agile for your business.

Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe®) Services

Expand your organization's Agile implementation with SAFe®! As a Scaled Agile Partner, Excellence in Measurement Technology now offers SAFe Program Consultant services including:

SAFe® Agilist (SA) certification:

  • SAFe® course "Leading SAFe®" for Executives, Managers, and Leaders to become SAFe® Agilists (SAs)

SAFe® Practitioner (SP) certification:

  • SAFe® course "SAFe® ScrumXP for Teams" for Team Members to become SAFe® Practitioners (SPs)

SAFe Consultation:

  • Executive Consulting on SAFe®.
  • Training and consulting to implement SAFe® across your organization.

ISO Services

Excellence in Measurement Technology offers services for ISO 9000 (quality management), ISO 13485 (medical devices), ISO 20000 (information systems), and ISO 27000 (information security). We are also now able to help your organization comply with the new ISO 9001:2015 standard. We provide the following services:

ISO Internal Audits:

  • Consulting for ISO audit and certification preparation
  • Internal audits for ISO 9000, ISO 13285, ISO 20000, and ISO 27000.
  • Consulting to help your organization update to ISO 9001:2015.

ISO Courses and Workshops:

  • ISO Overview courses for ISO 9000, ISO 13285, ISO 20000, and ISO 27000.
  • ISO 9000 with CMMI Implementation courses

ISO with CMMI:

  • Appraisals, consultation, training, and workshops for helping your business meet both ISO and CMMI requirements.

Lean Services

With our Lean-certified consultant, Excellence in Measurment Technology can provide the following services:

Lean Consultation:

  • Consulting services to help your business implement Lean Manufacturing.

Six Sigma Services

With our certified-Six Sigma Black Belt consultant, we can provide the following services:

Six Sigma Consultation:

  • Consulting services to help your business implement Six Sigma.


About CMMI

“CMMI helps you develop your organizational capabilities by learning new behaviors that can help you improve performance, speed, quality and profitability. Understanding your organization’s capabilities is a key factor in your success. Used historically in software and systems engineering, CMMI offers guidance for diagnosing problems and accelerating performance across all areas of an organization.”

From the CMMI Institute website

Learn more at the CMMI Institute

About Agile

“The Agile movement seeks alternatives to traditional project management. Agile approaches help teams respond to unpredictability through incremental, iterative work cadences, known as sprints. Agile methodologies are an alternative to waterfall, or traditional sequential development.”

From The Agile Movement website

Learn more at The Agile Movement

About SAFe®

“A Lean-Agile Mindset, Lean-Agile Leaders, SAFe® Principles, and the extensive benefits that Lean-Agile development provides all play important roles in defining what makes SAFe® SAFe®. But in synthesis, there are four Core Values that SAFe® honors, supports, and helps deliver: Alignment, Built-in Quality, Transparency, and Program Execution. If an Enterprise does those four things well, a lot of goodness will surely follow.”

Reproduced with permission from
© 2011-2016 Scaled Agile, Inc. All rights reserved.

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About Lean

“The core idea is to maximize customer value while minimizing waste. Simply, lean means creating more value for customers with fewer resources. Eliminating waste along entire value streams, instead of at isolated points, creates processes that need less human effort, less space, less capital, and less time to make products and services at far less costs and with much fewer defects, compared with traditional business systems.”

From the Lean Enterprise Institute website

Learn more at Lean Enterprise Institute

About Six Sigma

“Six Sigma at many organizations simply means a measure of quality that strives for near perfection. Six Sigma is a disciplined, data-driven approach and methodology for eliminating defects (driving toward six standard deviations between the mean and the nearest specification limit) in any process – from manufacturing to transactional and from product to service.”

From the iSixSigma website

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