Using CMMI & Agile Together

It has been established in some software development circles that CMMI and Agile are incompatible; that once one of these methodologies is practiced, the other can never be implemented alongside it. Excellence in Measurement Technology is brushing away these outdated superstitions with real results.

Our consultancy has years of knowledge and experience with both methodologies and a successful history of implementing them together. Contrary to popular belief, we have found that there is a significant amount of overlap between the processes that the Agile and CMMI methodologies establish in an organization's operations and practices, and each methodologies practices can help meet the requirements of the other.

EMT's own CEO and Founder, Margaret Tanner Glover, is a CSM (Certified Scrum Master) and SPC (SAFe® Program Consultant) She has performed many CMMI appraisals on organizations who use Agile and SAFe®. Maggie is a CMMI High Maturity Lead Appraiser and an Agile Coach.

How Agile practices can employ CMMI to meet the US GAO requirements

Learn how the practices of CMMI and ISO, Agile, or SAFe® can be integrated together in your business with this sample of our crosswalk document.

For the full version of the crosswalk, email a request to our marketing manager at chelsea.glover

How Agile practices can employ CMMI to meet the US GAO requirements

View our presentation created together with our client LMI to discover how CMMI Process Areas and Agile ceremonies correlate to each other and how to successfully implement both, featuring LMI as a case study.

How Agile practices can employ CMMI to meet the US GAO requirements

Learn more about how Agile and CMMI can work together with great results in our presentation about the U.S. Government Accountability Offices' findings on the Agile methodology and how CMMI can help organizations overcome the challenges of implementing Agile.

Using ISO with CMMI

Many organizations, especially those in the software development field, have to contend with both CMMI and ISO standards. Whether your organization is already implementing CMMI and ISO or maybe only using one of them but thinking about implementing the other as well, Excellence in Measurement Technology has you covered.

In addition to CMMI, we have experience with ISO 9000 (quality management), ISO 13485 (medical devices), ISO 20000 (information systems), and ISO 27000 (information security). We can help you integrate both CMMI and ISO standards by showing you where their practices overlap each other and how to effectively integrate both of them. We are also able to provide ISO audits for the standards listed above, CMMI appraisals for all constellations, and training in both CMMI and ISO.



“EMT’s professionalism and knowledge of CMMI and Agile principles played an integral role in rapidly learning and subsequently leading Graham Technologies through our successful CMMI Level III Dev appraisal. EMT’s dedication and personal commitment to remaining flexible with our schedule, as well as not only appraising Graham Technologies, but providing above & beyond insight and recommendations, was second to none. The service EMT provided exceeded all expectations, and guarantees a continuing successful relationship.”
William Graham,
President and CEO of Graham Technologies

“Maggie was able to demystify the high maturity process areas and show us the real benefit of quantitatively managing our work. She took complex topics and broke them down into easy-to-understand lessons that we gathered true business insight from.”
Joanna Patterson,
Quality Assurance Engineer at CACI

“Maggie was a pleasure to work with. She went out of her way to understand our business as part of her approach to our CMMI ML3 appraisal. This was critical as it streamlined the appraisal process. Her great attitude and positive approach created an environment that kept things moving while keeping an element of fun in the process. I would highly recommend Maggie to anyone searching for appraisal support.”
Chris Turpin,
Director of Suntiva

“Kieran's knowledge of the CMMI model and how to get the best out of it never fail to impress. This is nothing more than you'd expect from a Lead Appraiser, but what Kieran also brings to an organisation or CMMI journey is a wealth of practical implementation experience, what has worked for others and where others have hit problems. Invaluable to any organisation embarking on a transformation programme. ”
Mark Aked,
Senior Business Analyst at Zenith

“Maggie was instrumental in helping us achieve our desired goals. She quickly analyzed the situation and the issues, accurately identified our key strengths and weaknesses, developed the detailed strategy for improvement, and then was highly effective in working with the entire organization to get it accepted and implemented. We would not hesitate to call upon her again.”
Steve Fried,
Principal at SBF & Associates

“I have had the pleasure working with Kieran several times over the last three years. He has helped the Norwegian Army with CMMI training, two appraisals (as Lead Appraiser), and supported the organization with insight in our improvement work. Kierean is very enthusiastic about his work and a great communicator. He works well with all levels in the organization, which has helped us to communicate the importance of continues improvement.”
Tore Skoglund,
Service Managment Consultant
at Norsk Tipping

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